Fit Process: Inserts

Fit Process: InsertsFleet Feet Fayetteville believes in supporting your foot’s foundation, which are the bones. We carry a variety of insoles that help support and align your body. We carry supportive insoles from Superfeet and Sole. Our knowledgeable staff can help you find the right supportive insole for your running, walking, and casual shoe needs.

Insoles are like mattresses. A good mattress is made of firm, supportive materials. A bad mattress is soft and unsupportive. Same thing with insoles. When you stand on a proper insole you can feel the firmly supportive shape and materials. There’re not soft and “gelly” like some other brands…because although soft non-supportive insoles feel good when you first put them in you shoes, in the long run your foot problems don’t disappear. Our product’s firm, contoured shapes, provide long term benefit, and comfort that soft insoles cannot achieve.

We do carry soft insoles by SofSole for those looking only for extra cushioning. You can also achieve extra cushioning from our sock selection. 

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