Common Injuries

 Fleet Feet Sports-Fayetteville is ready to help you prevent injuries, and help you when your not 100%. Our team prides itself in having a large amount of knowledge, and we carry the highest quality products to help prevent and treat the most typical types of running and athletic injuries and aliments. We continually train ourselves so we are familiar with all types of injuries and offer product suggestions that will help you get back on the road or in the gym. A lot of our products require a bit of education, and we are happy to take time to explain and demonstrate them for you. We have many items that you can demo and try out before you buy. We are passionate about injury prevention and treatment because we feel running with pain, or not being active due to an jury can be avoided if proper care is taken. Our goal is to see you out on the running path, and not sitting on the sidelines.

We work with our local community medical professionals and community specialists who can get you back on your feet and moving again. Please call us and we can recommend a local Doctor, Chiropractor, or Massage Therapist.

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